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We come to you making it all very easy and convenient...
BA Voucher Gift We provide PT at your home or workplace or a convenient location. We bring all the equipment required.

Regular communication through texts,
e-mails and newsletters are part of the package to support you and help monitor progress.

Barbara Griffin
Tel: 07824 900137

Choose from the ‘All Over’, ‘Core Conditioning’ & ‘Running’. BA Fitness classes place an emphasis on effective results in a fun and varied way. No same format week in, week out. Enjoy challenging your body with an instructor who makes sure you are reaping the rewards by getting it right rather than just going through the motions!

Two different options are available ‘DON’T SWEAT IT’ - a low impact 8 week programme that comprises toning and relaxation exercises alongside educational elements all with a focus on improving health and fitness with colleagues / friends.

‘UP & RUNNING’ - an 8 week running programme that can be used to support fundraising efforts as well as encouraging a healthy workforce.

If you are interested in booking these

Throughout the year we will be running special training events. From kick start fitness week-ends and running courses to two hour specific sessions. If you are interested in finding out more about these