Whether you're looking for a kick start to a new you, or achieve long term fitness or general wellbeing improvements, BA Fitness can help you reach your goals. We are passionate about providing a comprehensive lifestyle approach to health and fitness and want to inspire and motivate you through our effective Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes in Edinburgh.

We help you integrate fitness into your life no matter how busy you are.


People who want effective, safe and lasting results.

People like you use us. We have a wide and varied client base from people wanting to slim down and tone up to those wanting to run marathons.

For some, it's having the regular motivation that helps whilst for others it’s advice on the right exercise and nutrition that’s important. Click here to view reasons why you might choose us.


Gain Confidence
to start and maintain a custom made programme that is tailor made for you and will improve your Health & Fitness. Our Personal Training specifically targets your individual needs whilst our classes encourage fitness in a more social environment.

Get Maximum Physical Benefits
decrease body fat, increase muscle tone, significant health advantages, improve energy levels to name a few.

Barbara Griffin
Tel: 07824 900137

We have a range of options to suit. From PT sessions, to running courses to gift vouchers.
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Andrew, IT Director 40
Barbara is an inspiration. She has a wonderfully non intimidating manner and an approach that recognises and works within the time constraints of daily life.

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